• •Fully featured package for surveillance, business intelligence, counting and advanced metadata functionality •Intrusion detection •Shake cancellation •Tamper detection •Enter & exit filters •Appear & disappear filters •Stopping filter •Dwell filter •Direction filter •Counting •Abandoned object filter •Removed object filter •Zones & lines...

    Model Number: EVA-Pro
  • • For perimeter protection & surveillance market  • Intrusion Detection  • 3D Calibration  • Zones and lines  • Direct Filter  • Dwell Filter  • Tamper Detection  • Low false alarm rate – for example:  - Ignore animals and birds  - Include or exclude only people not vehicles and other objects  - Select people entering a secure area and ignore...

    Model Number: EVA-Detect
  • Features: Count works in many difficult situations          - Glass store front with sun shining through. Moving shadows and reflections from doors in the detection area         - Overhead spotlights casting shadows  Bi-directional counting using overhead camera  Correctly counts people walking side-by side and in small groups  Ignores ‘connected objects’...

    Model Number: EVA-Count
  • • Includes all the features of Count and many more  • Extensive range of detection functionalities  • Metadata to support post-event forensic search applications  • Intrusion Detection  • 3D Calibration  • Zones and lines  • Enter and exit filters  • Appear and disappear filter  • Stopping filter  • Speed Filter  • Object Counting  • Tailgating...

    Model Number: EVA-Advanced


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